13 Reasons Why You Suck At Blogging

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13 blogging tips for beginners

Do you want to be a blogger?

That person who’s constantly worrying about what to write, how to snatch people’s attention on a weekly routine, how to stand out in a world of various amazing creators and how to even start?

Well, let me guide you through the world of blogging through thirteen foolproof ways which are often ignored but are very vital.


 how to blog

The pertinent question here is: WHY?

Why do you want to blog? To pass time, to gain recognition, to experience something new?

No one is ever successful if they are directionless. If you lack vision, you’ll stumble through what you plan to do.

This will depend on the niche that you want to anchor yourself on. Which brings me to the second pointer.


You’d want to blog about something that keeps you aching to write more. Something that excites you and that will capture the reader’s attention.

How do you find a niche?

Just concentrate on what you like. If you dig fashion, be a fashion blogger. If you’re a foodie, be a food blogger. If you love music, then blog about it.

Once you get your niche, be a master in it. When starting off as a blogger in an industry with so many professionals in it, you’re bound to be frustrated because your content will not be appreciated. After all, no one even knows you.

How do you become a master?


Your network is your net-worth.

The more people that know what you blog about, the more public credibility you get. In short, people trust you and what you blog about.

What’s more?

Those social links you build become your engaged audience. You get a platform where you can share out your work and get approval and constructive criticism.

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Networking also comprises the uuseof your social media links such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to connect with your audience. Over time, when you garner momentum in your blogging, people will want to connect with you and get more feedback and FAQ’s.

It is therefore important for you to know which social media platform best suites you. For example,

  • A travel blogger, a food blogger and a fashion blogger MUST use visual-oriented platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. The click-rate in such apps for visually-aesthetic material is high. A perfect example of the success of social media for a travel blogger is
  • Global Grasshopper.A lifestyle blogger needs Instagram, Twitter or even Tumblr. Most lifestyle bloggers incorporate others aspects of life such as travel or fashion. An example is Joanna Goddard whose blog — A Cup Of Jo is a perfect example of versatility.

You might feel stressed and hurt that your engagement levels in your blog don’t go beyond your friends and family, but growth is gradual and requires patience.

No one starts successfully without grinding results.

Do what you have to get your blogs out to the world. Chiara Ferragni one of the highest paid bloggers by Guess, started out small but expanded The Blonde Salad with a team to a whopping nine million plus Instagram followers.

Remember: It takes commitment. It takes practice. It takes patience.


Adopt a routine to your blogging.

 how to blog

This is better explained by a marketing guru, Sunny Lenarduzzi, in her YouTube video on the importance of scheduling in business and in anything literally. She explains how you can create a content calendar and I find it very useful when I want to schedule my own posts.

Have a day dedicated for your blogging. I have chosen Wednesdays to be my days (bound to change) and I think they suit me as I am not too busy on that day, and neither is the audience feeding my content.

When planning out your content calendar, factor in the behaviors of your readers. When are they online?

Use those peak times to your advantage because they give you leverage over whatever else your readers might have been consuming.

I also dedicate certain days to do my research and also post teasers on my social media apps before I upload any post. This hypes my readers on what I plan to write so that they are subconsciously aware that I will post.

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The last thing on your mind as a blogger is to produce content that is loosely based on nothingness.

Imagine a scenario where you have an engaged and vibrant readership and your blogs are crazy hot-cakes. But your content is not well-researched. You will be spreading rumors, hearsay and bland pieces of work instead of concrete work.

Research what you plan to write.

For a travel blogger, make sure you do a before-hand reconnaissance of where you plan to go. Get all the details right to avoid misdirecting your readers on the places you travel to.

People will keep on reading your blogs because the content is enthralling and is also precise. They appreciate a well-written, well-researched piece of work.

Content is king.

content is king


It’s not enough that your influence as a blogger is growing. Even though it’s a good thing to see that your blogs are reaching more and more people, it’s also imperative that you track the growth.


Well, most blogs have analytics tools. WordPress offers statistics on each blog post, including views, likes, comments and shares. Although these stats may be low during your initial stages of blogging, they will grow — or just plateau, depending on your marketing techniques.

Google Analytics is also a great tracking tool for any blog. The stats are especially useful such as sessions, page-views, bounce rate and users.

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But the most important criteria in tracking the growth of your blog lies in:

  • How well are you marketing your blog?
  • Are you impacting people with your blog?
  • What is the feedback you’re getting?
  • Are there issues being raised by your readers on your blog?


Find other bloggers in your niche and engage with them.


  • Engagement means reading their blogs. They may have extra information that you don’t know or haven’t captured in your own blog.
  • Comment on their blogs. Share your feedback with them and let them know that you went through their work. You could also leave your own link to your blog and let them know that you also share the same passion.

Entrepreneur Delights did a survey on why people comment on blogs. Use it to figure out why people are commenting on your post and why you need to comment as well.


  •  Share their work. Nothing is as gladdening as knowing that someone else loved your work and shared it out to others. Apart from the social sharing, you could also link their blog on yours (also called back-links)if you’re speaking on an issue that they are directly involved. You will be publicizing their work and chances are that they might just return the favor.

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  • Guest blogging. A common method that most bloggers are getting fond of. Guest blogging is inviting another blogger on your blog to host their own ideas. It is a free method and a win-win for both the host and the guest. It creates a rapport between you and your guest which is all you want when working with people.

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All the popular bloggers, local and international, have a brand which they are recognized by.

A brand is not a logo, a name, a registration number or a social media name.

A brand is what you stand for as a blogger. If you stand for justice, then justice becomes what you’re known for. Thus it becomes your brand. If you stand for delicacies and believe people should eat right to live right, then proper dieting becomes your brand.

How do you create a brand?

  • Be vocal about what you believe in.
  • Strut your stuff. In short, be the master.
  • Practice what you stand for.
  • Grow your connections


Do something extra above just basic blogging. Blogging is just writing, facing your desktop for hours, aching your neck and back and then sleeping off due to exhaustion.

But blogging like a boss is nothing compared to it.

A blogger, who is also a social media strategist, is likely to attract a larger readership because they have an extra skill to spice their blogging.

A food blogger who also owns an eatery or a food critic website is likely to be taken seriously for his work than a creepy guy who writes about food.

See the difference?

What makes you stand out? How different are you? (Share in the comments below)



When you are unoriginal, people notice you for all the wrong reasons.

As much as you want to nail it as a blogger, you should retain originality in what you do.

When people judge your work, they won’t look for the fanciness or the over-the-top qualities.

They look for originality, not perfection.

Make sure not to copy from others and claim it. At least quote the person with the original copyright but do not take credit.


Blogging is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s not easy to share your opinion with others, withholding the fear that they may not agree with you. Of course, not everyone will agree with you. Conversely, you cannot be against everyone’s side.

It also entails braveness in exploring areas that people fear talking about or merely discussing. Writing about women empowerment in some countries is considered almost treasonable. Mentioning anything regarding gay rights could get you lynched in some countries.

A blogger shouldn’t fear treading those areas to enlighten and offer some wisdom as well.

Braveness entails confronting the comments you get on your blogs. Yes, you should embrace positive criticism.

But when some comments go beyond personal picket-fences, it is time you just block your mind from them. These hurtful comments hurt you without your knowledge. They drain your energy and you feel psychologically tired.

Blogging is for the braveClick To Tweet


Are you the type of person who doesn’t commit? The kind of person who will rarely keep going after a few months, years of blogging?

I plan on blogging for a very long time. I know there are times I will have to put it aside, but I will not relegate it.

If it’s a passion, it will stick.

There’s no need to plan and organize your schedule, network with your friends, be original and build your brand without being focused. It’s like building castles in the air.

Trust me, you could quickly get bored from always writing and coming up with new ideas becomes an uphill task. After all, there are so many things you could do with yourself apart from blogging. If you’re that sort of person, don’t even read farther because your life is in tatters and you’re hardly realizing that.

Be focused and let your passion drive you. This goes to every aspect of creation — dance, art, music — they all need focus. That is, if you want to succeed and not be a mere formality.


Don’t try so hard to impress your readers that you forget to impress yourself.

You could easily lose track of what you planned on writing just because you thought it was unimpressive. This happens especially when you’re fazed by negativity or just don’t believe in yourself when starting off.

Brainstorm: Had Leonardo Da Vinci thought the Mona Lisa was unimpressive, we wouldn’t hold the amazing portrait in high regard as we do now. It would probably have ended up in a trashcan.

Don’t haul yourself to a trashcan because you think you can’t impress anyone. Heck, if you impressed everyone in the world, you’d probably be the most boring person to ever grace the face of the world.


Because it doesn’t work like that.

That’s why I adore the former President of United States of America, Barack Obama, who wasn’t fazed by all the racial slurs and questions about his nationality on his pathway to presidency. If it were me, I would have given up. He didn’t. He lived a simple life, before and even after presidency, he still does.

Be simple, and you’ll impress people without even trying.


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