3 Ways Bloggers Can Create Consistent Content and Remain Relevant

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Creators struggle with one thing when coming up with content: Consistency.

It’s more than an uphill task to create consistent content as much as it is tiring to even come up with the content itself.

Have you gone through such a phase?

Don’t worry. Everyone does.

Before I tell you my three ways on how to create consistent content, let me open your eyes to the benefits of consistency.

how to create content that is consistent


1.It gives you credibility. There’s nothing as chastening as letting your audience know that they can believe that you will provide content that they want — at a consistent rate.

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2. It gives you the impetus to continue with your work. Lack of consistency breeds laziness and stagnation of development.

3. It gives you relevance. In a world that is rapidly changing, consistency helps you remain relevant to an ever-hungry audience. This is the very reason companies send weekly newsletters to their email lists to provide the content that is fresh and devoid of obsolete information.

4. It allows you to be versatile. Content that is not consistent is not able to adapt to a change in the needs of the audience. If you conduct a survey once every month to a select group of subjects, the likelihood that the survey may not reflect the opinions of the same subjects at a later date accurately

5. It gives you power. Power denotes the ability to tinker with your content. When you are consistent, you are able to make changes to your content and update it to the preferences of your audience.

Enough of that. Now that you know the merits of consistency in business, in the workplace and even to creators of any kind, it’s time to learn HOW to create the type of content that doesn’t go stale and is consistent.



use research to create consistent content

It boils down to the reservoir of knowledge you have to offer to your audience really.

If you’re shallow on ideas, you might wing it once and perhaps have so many views on your blog post, or sales for your artwork, or amazing reviews for your portrait and countless views on your YouTube channel.

But that’s a one-time thing.

A creator needs to be consistent with their content. This will allow a consistent flow of views, sales, reviews, and up-votes (in the case of Quora) as well.

Your audience appreciates a well-researched piece of work. This will make them come for more. And share it as well.

A mediocre creator is only after the fame that comes with a single piece of work.

But as short-lived as this notion is, you will not only be frustrated to wow your audience the next time but you will also suffer from a creators block. (A creators block is when you feel that you have no ideas left and you’ve completely drained yourself of content).

Watch: How to get out of a blogger’s slump

Luckily there’s a simple remedy.

Do a lot of research in your niche. Have a notepad or a Word document where you save the research you do. Or better yet, try Evernote.

Fine-tune it and save it for sharing. Be sure to also draw some experience from what you’ve seen, heard, smelt, felt and perceived as a human.

create consistent content


You could also use Google Trends and type in a keyword in your niche.

Google Trends highlights the way that particular keyword is performing in terms of clicks and searches over Google.

If your keyword is not doing so well, don’t despair. Create fresh content so that when the keyword starts getting clicks, Google can sift through the old information and fetch yours. (Yes, it does that.)



Engaging with your audience helps you remain consistent.


When you post a video, a blog post or an artwork, the feedback your audience gives you helps you judge how that particular work performed. That sort of organic feedback is vital to a creator.

Using such feedback to create better content that answers the questions posed is one of the ways to assure yourself of consistency.

how to create consistent content

It’s also a bonus for your audience since it creates rapport because they trust you will answer them and you indeed do listen to them. Companies ought to be responsive to their clients, not because it can be nagging and frustrating but because it is socially endearing to them.

This also goes to YouTube creators who decide to ignore the all-important comments section. I agree that it could be the breeding ground for Internet trolls.

However, most of the viewers pose their queries or feedback that is meant to relay information to the creator. Use this kind of feedback to improve on aspects of your creation.

Writers should also be proud to check the Amazon reviews that they get on their books. I know this can be tough. You may basically get nil reviews, harsh reviews, and spam reviews. Make sure to sift through them and learn from the positive criticism and the harsh reviews as well. Later you will have them in mind when you make more publications.

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Curating is basically stockpiling content.

Maybe you’re wondering why bulk-production of content is useful for you.

Remember that you’re not after quantity, but quality.

Curating allows you to produce quality in quantity.

Sometimes schedules may clash and you may forget to post content for your audience. If you had built some sort of trust between you and your audience, a little slip of the mind could cause that hard work to go down the drain.

The best way to curate is using the following social media third-party applications.

  • Hootsuite. I use Hootsuite to schedule my promotional Twitter posts mainly. My personal tweets don’t need curating since I tweet at my convenience. The promotional tweets need to be broadcast to your followers, especially if they live in different time zones.
  • Buffer. I use this also for Twitter. It does the grimy work of posting your content even when you’re asleep or at the beach.
  • Later/Planoly/Buffer. For Instagram, I would recommend these three. They let you post it at the peak times, and add captions and hashtags as well.
  • Facebook. Facebook has its own inbuilt scheduling tool which is also as helpful.
  • Coschedule. One of the most efficient curating and scheduling tools that I have always admired. Every blogger needs this one.

Remember that curating is best when posting promotional content which links back to your content. This is the method that companies, firms, and social media influencers use to stay in touch with their audience and remain consistent as well.

Don’t mash up curating and spamming.

Spamming is sending the same promotional content over and over, without taking into consideration time zone or audience convenience. This just beats the purpose of curating.


As you endeavor to learn how to create consistent content, don’t lose your value.

It may be taxing to produce consistent content. I know this. It’s not very easy for an eighteen-year-old to write such blog posts and hope to do the same over and over again. Ask me.

As you push on to be consistent, don’t lose your value as a brand, company, individual creator or even leader. People may fail to even appreciate your content, you may have less than a hundred views on your video or blog posts, zero shares (or less) or even no feedback but spam.

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This is everything any creator goes through and should because it is a stepping stone and a milestone that creators ought to learn from. No one starts high. So don’t lose your principals and ideals because your consistency is not being rewarded.

It will happen soon.

I hope you enjoyed this article on HOW TO CREATE CONSISTENT CONTENT. If you did, leave a comment on which tip you liked the most. I’d love to hear from you

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