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How To Win At Everything, Almost Everything.

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It is something that everyone wants to be part of. And therefore wanting to know how to win at everything should be your number one priority.

We would all like to be associated with success and be in the winning team. Victory is something we innately crave as human beings.

On the other hand, losing is something we dread for so many reasons. Either we don’t want to be made fun of or because it hurts in the throat when you are called a ‘loser’.

Is it possible to experience this winning feeling all the time?

Win, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is to get possession of by effort or fortune. Going by this simplistic definition, then winning takes two aspects: effort (hard work) or fortune (lack).

how to win at everything

Scratch that. Let me show you my recipe on how to win at everything.



study your competition

During the World War One, the Allied forces (made up of Britain, France, and later USA) were a force to reckon with and their strength was evidenced in their win over the Axis powers(Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy). One thing the Axis powers did not do properly was study what their counterparts were up to. So when the Allied forces were busy taking over naval supremacy and getting aid from USA, the Axis powers relied on plans that were not foolproof.

They lost. Heavily.

Forward to this current era. Everyone wants the best job, the best grade, the best spouse, the best car and the like. The society has pushed the idea of success as that of having to be the best.

One thing you need to realize is that you are not the only one chasing to be the best. That’s why you need to study your competition.


It will expose their methods and tactics to you. There are certain things your competitor does that if you did would bring you even higher above them.

It helps you to perfect the moves and therefore catch your competition off-guard. In the case of tennis, Roger Federer, the world number three Wimbledon seed, is famously backhandknown for his right-handed backhand. For any other Wimbledon player to be able to catch him out, they would have to perfect the backhand and counter-act Roger Federer’s move. (However I don’t think this is what you need to beat a pro like Roger. Sorry.)


It helps you know the weak spots. No one is perfect. There is always that one thing that is out Achilles’ Heel. But lucky you are if you know your competitor’s weakness before he or she knows yours. You could use it to your advantage. Remember, the only thing that’s stopping you from winning against your competitor is an advantage.

If you have not picked out a weakness, then just strengthen your advantage over them. Photographers will tell you that finding a great vantage point to take the best picture is hard. But if you make minor adjustments that your competitor hasn’t noticed, then you get the perfect oblique, or close-up picture ever.


In the academic world, being the best is highly overrated. It’s all about the grade. If you don’t get an A, then you are a failure. Anyway, that’s the societal outlook which is not always the correct outlook.

For you to win, especially for the academic-related aspects such as school or even in the workplaces, you need to make small winning improvements. The sum of those minor improvements is better than the whole. It will give you constant motivation all through the way.

How though?

Make sure to track your progress. So many schoolkids worry that they will never beat a certain pupil in their school because they keep on trailing them. My advice? Worry about your progress and not theirs. If you improve in each subject with a score of 5, then still fail to beat your competitor, you have won. The progress is still upwards, and as you do this over and over, you find out that by competing against yourself, you are competing against others around you.

Acknowledge that a drop in progress is not bad.

Winning is not for the pessimists.

David Rudisha is a Kenyan Olympic Gold winner in the 800 meter race which has seen him rise to be David Rudishaan iconic figure in the athletics world. However, his past record is not the most stellar. At one point he lost at the Stockholm Diamond League. It didn’t put his hopes of shining in the Rio games.


So why should your drop in progress put you down? You don’t have to have the most brilliant graph to know that you are the best. It’s those whose graphs show a consistent rise that are the best. It’s those whose graphs were once on a downhill trend but are now going up that are the real winners.

Hold your strengths tight, and your weaknesses tighter. There’s nothing as sad as letting your competition know that you have no strengths. They will attack you from all corners. But before you consolidate your strengths, you need to know what your strengths are.

how to win at everything

Ask yourself:

  • What do I know I am great at?
  • What do others say I am great at?
  • What do I know I could be great at?

think of your strengths

Your competitor (and in this case I mean your rival in the same niche) could be great at something that you are not. Therefore he or she has a strength that you don’t have. For you to dominate, improve on your weaknesses so that you have the upper hand.

For example, if my competitor and I are top-notch chess players and we have won so many accolades between us but I am not great at public speaking and my competitor is, then I am the biggest loser. I will no longer be remembered as the great chess player but the stammering wuss.

The society will favor the person with outstanding qualities.

That’s why you should work on your weak spots and gain an advantage.


Embrace all sorts of ideas that come into your head. Whether it’s a crazy portrait you want to draw, or a dance routine that you just cranked out, just go for it. There’s no bigger winner than a person with ideas.

Winners are never constrained. They think over and beyond.

After all, you never know whether your invention or crazy idea could save the world some day. Even Professor Utonium of the Powerpuff Girls accidentally added an extra ingredient to his mixture and we all had the three superheroes on our screens to enjoy.


Easier said than done, right?

how to win at everything

After all, our comfort zones give us a sense that ‘everything is fine the way it is and I shouldn’t bother that’. Sadly, that sense is for the slackers. And you’re not reading this because you want to be a slacker. That’s not a winning mentality.

The worse thing you can do is show that you are scared of getting out of your comfort zone because people will enjoy using it against you.

The eagle is one of the strictest teachers of this statement to its young ones. When a baby eagle is about as old as ten weeks, the mother eagle snatches it from the nest, crazily flies up high and then mercilessly lets go off its baby. The baby hurtles down to the earth and before it crashes into a ball of feathers, the mother eagle suddenly realizes that it’s a parent and goes after the young one, snatches it before it dies and whispers into its ears, “Fend for yourself now.”

Don’t believe me? Watch this epic video and see for yourself.

Bottom line: as Roy Bennett says:

You never change until you step out of your comfort zone @RoyBennettClick To Tweet



Thank you for being a winner! Thank you also for reading up to this point. For you only, I will give a bonus tip on how to win at everything.


See, if your competitor is able to read your next move, especially in a game of soccer or even chess, then you are as good as someone who is not playing.

Apply randomness in your strategies. Don’t be so readable. This will give you the opportunity to attack when least expected because your competitor doesn’t know when or how you’re going to strike back.

Make sense?

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