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There are very many bloggers who have left their full-time jobs to take up blogging as their main source of income.

When I first heard this, I was startled. I wasn’t fully convinced that blogging could be someone’s full-time job until I stumbled upon Michelle Gardner’s article on Why I’m Happy I Made The Decision To Leave My High Paying And Secure Job For Blogging

I have been blogging for some time now and the thought of how to make money blogging has crossed my mind more than once. I have to admit though that I didn’t view blogging as being my only job.

But I’m sure there are bloggers out there who are intent on making blogging their main income source. If that’s you, then let me share seven ways on How To Make Money Blogging.

how to make money blogging


I believe that everyone who works must love what they are working for. So I assume you already love blogging and therefore you want to earn some money doing what you love.

Before you begin learning from the methods I will outline later, you need a plan for the future. The same way a country prepares a budget is the same way you should prepare yours.

  1. How much do I want to earn yearly, monthly, weekly, daily?
  2. How much will you earn to force you out of your main job?
  3. How long will you blog?
  4. How fast will the income roll in?

Why do you need to know all this?

Because the chances that you will quit your job for blogging and then realize you made a mistake are very high. But don’t worry. These are trodden waters. So many bloggers are earning more than  $500,000 (almost 5 million Kenyan Shillings) and living off their blogs!

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The Richest revealed that the highest paid blogger is Michael Arrington of TechCrunch with over a net income of $800,000 as of 2014. The Huffington Post is now grossing an estimated $1 billion and there’s no wondering why.

That’s crazy if you ask me. But anyone can do it really.



An affiliate is the human version of a link.

The affiliate links to a larger company or authority in a niche.

The way tousing affiliate links to make money blogging be an affiliate is the kind of content you publish. If you are a travel blogger, you could carve yourself out as an affiliate to a well-known tourist firm. That way, your blog acts as an affiliate for you.

The other way is to actually attach links to companies or firms in your blog so that when they get clicked they refer your readers to the larger company. This is called backlinking. Brian Dean of Backlinko is an expert on back links and his tips are sure to land you an affiliate or teach you to become one.

Read: How to Get High-Quality Backlinks

However, as a blogger, don’t fill your entire blog with affiliate links and turn your nice article into a sales pitch or a marketing course.

Taylor Stanford suggests that up to five affiliate links are enough for your blog.

When a company learns that most of their publicity is coming from your links to them, they sign you up to be their affiliate and sponsor your blogs as well. The Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most esteemed since it pays you a commission for every Amazon product you sell on their behalf.

If you want to learn more about becoming an affiliate marketer and earning BIG, browse Neil Patel’s step-by-step guide on Affiliate Marketing made easy.



Every blog deserves a well-connected network around it for the posts to be viewed and shared.

The audience you build is your platform for networking.

Besides that, find a social media platform that you do well in and major your blog marketing on it. For example, Brian Lang of Small Business Ideas Blog specializes on Pinterest to drive traffic to his blog and attract the attention of bigger authorities in his niche.

Others like Neil Patel use Facebook and Twitter.

How will this help?

A study by Adweek revealed that companies or people with social media platforms are more trusted. Even so, most people who bought a product were influenced by online networks.

Find your best social platform.

This will gain you public trust and your blog will be used as a referral or a recommendation for any kind of product you are selling on your blog or a course that you are offering.



how to use ads to monetize a blog

This must be the single most used method by most bloggers when trying to pump out some money with their blogs. There are critics who say that ads aren’t good but I haven’t come across a convincing argument yet.

There is no problem having ads on your blog. Here are a few guidelines for you though:

  1. Don’t attach TOO MANY ads. Don’t forget that the main reason your readers are on you blog is because of your content and not for the advertisements. This is how your readers will view your post.
  2. Be strategic with the placement. For most bloggers, the best place is by the sidebar where it is not too distracting. The worst is when an ad keeps on popping as you read on. It irks off the reader and therefore won’t get any click.
  3. Be aware of which ads you are posting. I recommend posting ads that are relevant to your niche. For example, an ad that is publicizing WordPress or any other site building website is relevant to a blogger than a McDonald’s offer.
  4. Get the best out of Google Adsense. google adsenseThis could be the best way for you to land a paycheck. Google Adsense is a tool that helps you choose an audience for your ad, crafts it for you and tracks the analytics for you. I have my eyes on using it and I encourage you to do so HERE.


As it has always been said, Content is King.

It is undeniable that when you publish great content, your audience will keep coming for more. If you’re stuck on creating content and being consistent at it, browse my post on HOW TO CREATE CONSISTENT CONTENT.

great content increases blog value

Why is content so important?

The idea behind creating good content is growing your trust among your audience. It is a proven fact that people like to learn something new. Are you offering something new to them? Before you start thinking of earning, think of the audience that is reading your content.

Trust me, a bland and basic blog will not get you a single cent.


This might not work for bloggers who are merely starting off. I recommend this for bloggers who have gotten themselves quite the audience.

Online services are the best way to promote your brand as a blogger.

A study showed that digital marketing has shot up because most people are spending their time online. Businesses are spending 47% of their money on online marketing, according to this infographic. Clearly, this is the right way for you.

offer online services to make money blogging

The type of services you offer depends on your niche as a blogger. Most bloggers go for an e-book, an online training course, a podcast that you can download or a merchandise sale. You could sell your own work such as portraits, publications or even labels. Name it.

 The services you offer depend on your niche as a blogger


There is a direct relationship between your page views and your income, as illustrated by the graph below.

Page Views versus Income


The science behind this is that when most of your pages are viewed a lot of times, the chances of people linking back to your content is high as well as the click-rate on your ads will rise.

There is a debate, though, on whether a lot of page views earn you income. My take on it is when you have a chunk-load of good content, no one really cares how long or short your article is. People will read on and on.

Here is how one blogger went from 17K to 350+K views in 9 Months

So how do you increase page views?

  • Improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog. In layman, this means the likelihood that your article or blog will fall in Google’s search bar. Optimize your content, research on your keywords, include pictures and spice up your headlines.
  • Include the RELATED POSTS tab. If one of your articles has attracted a lot of eyes, then woo them to your other posts. Trust me, people will stay on your website and read more even if it means using up all their data.

related posts

  • Add a search box on your website to give your reader an easy time going through the website.
  • Style your content. Researchers discovered that people use the F-format when reading an article. Don’t bore your readers by stacking up paragraphs or omitting commas. Ensure your sentences are short but precise.
  • Add links that matter. Just like the ads you post, the links you attach should encourage the reader to click and learn more on what you were talking about.

In technical terms, when you increase your page views, you reduce your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the rate at which your readers are viewing a blog page and then immediately leaving. It is what Avinash Kaushik describes as:

“I came. I puked. I left.”

You don’t want your visitors to come and puke on your hard work and then leave. That will be downright rude. Aim to have them stay on your blog page long enough to notice an ad they like or press on an affiliate link.


Thank you so much for reading up to this far. I hope you have been enlightened by the various ways on how to make money blogging.

A bonus tip for you is actually cautionary. Do not expect that you will land your first paycheck from your blog by just adding ads or improving page views. It takes time and a lot of research to know your niche and understand what sort of future you want ahead of you.

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I am not encouraging you to stop your main job and just start blogging without a financial plan. You need to back up your faith on something. Only when you have made the decision and considered other factors will you be ready to take blogging as your full-time career.

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how to make money blogging

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