How To Make Great Info-graphics for Your Blog: Visme

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A great aesthetic aspect for a blog is very necessary when it comes to catching the eye of your reader.

Because of that very pompous intro, I will break it down and simply say that Good Graphics on a Blog equal Great Engagement. Have you ever wandered into a link that you clicked in a newsletter or a tweet and found a wonderfully titled blog post? BUT…it had no graphics!

No single graphic, video, a gif (pronounced with a slightly soft “g”) or even a header image?

It spells B-U-M-M-E-R. In caps.

Let’s say you are the aforementioned blogger and your blog can’t help but bore the hell out of your readers. By that sort of description, you already know that you need help.

Here is how to make great infographics for your blog. And specifically, using Visme.


how to make great infographics for your blog

Maybe you are out there and don’t know what an infographic is. No sweat. As a matter of fact, it is in the name. It is a graphic providing information and detailed summaries. They are used in every industry there is, from the textile industry to the food industry.

Here are examples of infographics.



Now that you have the slightest idea of an infographic, let’s hear what Visme has to say about their position in the industry:

“We have been known as one of the leading Presentation tools online, and a great alternative to PowerPoint.”

I can’t make this up, guys. Visme is one of those seemingly God-send blogging tools among the others I highlighted in The Ultimate Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use.

Many people wonder what the fuss is about with Visme?

Let me lay it bare to you.


I was a PowerPoint user, I won’t lie. The slides, animations, transitions, and formats were everything you would ever ask of.

But I needed some sort of liberation from the monotony and rigidity. I didn’t know what was missing in my application of PowerPoint in making infographics.

In comes Visme.

using visme to create infographics

But maybe you are here and have no idea in the world what the difference is between Visme and PowerPoint. Well, I wouldn’t hold you back from finding out in this eye-opening article on PowerPoint vs Visme.

Visme rightfully accords the fact that making these infographics meant for consumption requires technical support from designers. Most bloggers would be stretching their financial limits to the max just to afford one of them. Don’t even get me started on the time it would take to just produce one infographic.

There are a lot of demerits, as you can tell.

Choosing Visme allows you to avoid stretching your finances thin as a blogger Click To Tweet

To solve this problem, Visme offers templates aplenty.

Why is this great for you?

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are greatly talented at design. The competition is on level ground. It requires no coding at all!
  • It saves you time. Once you have a template, you don’t need to rack your brains thinking of how to structure your infographic. Visme gives you the skeleton and you fill it with flesh.
  • It gives you brand-new arrays of designs. This could be the reason I put PowerPoint on the backburner. I wasn’t getting top notch designs and everything was sub-par. Visme, on the other hand, freshens up the options at hand.

And probably what you need to know now is:


As obvious as it sounds, you need to log in and the portal is simple and easy to understand.


1.Create a Custom Project

Select the template you would like to use depending on the size. There are four basic sizes (Presentation, Infographic, Banner or a Custom-sized dimension)

2. Choose a theme


There are various themes to choose from, however limited. If you upgrade to Premium, you are free to pick from the unlimited choices.  Pick a theme that resonates with your brand or industry.

3.Tweak the styles

Here is where you put your artistic prowess (or lack of) to practice. Use the editing tools to add text, change the background, add music or embed external content. A sidebar adjacent to your project slide contains all these helpful options.

4.Add more slides (in the case of presentations)

There is a plus sign at the top-right side of your working space. It allows you to add more slides to your presentation.


Once you are done with the editing, you can preview your project and make sure it matches your expectations.

6.Save and publish

Even though your project is automatically autosaved during the creation process, you can save the final project and then easily publish.

7.Share options.

Visme allows you to share your project on your various social media, creates a link that you can embed on your blog, download it as a computer file or save it as a private project. It’s all your choice.



First of all, and very important, the Visme dashboard is easy to the eye. It doesn’t crowd your vision with so many widgets and it is easy to navigate.

Additionally, Visme makes work easier for the content creator and the reader as well.

It offers:



  • Visme gives you the ease of accessing every kind of editing tools aforementioned as well as the ability of sourcing for external graphics. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of fonts, widgets, and animations.


  • It appreciates the structure of a business. If you register as a business or corporation, Visme allows you to delegate certain tasks to certain users and the ability to view how many projects have been created as well as the roles given to different users. How great is that!


  • It gives you the flexibility to change anything you want to your own liking. After publishing your work, Visme creates a link you can embed on your website or share on your networks. Besides that, you can easily convert your infographic into any type of file you desire.


  • Visme boasts of a Premium Account (which I am a proud member of) and allows you to go all out with your creativity and ideas. Content creators can easily upgrade their Visme account affordably and access all Pro features at an affordable cost.


  • There is access to Analytics. Bloggers love to see how many people are viewing their articles or sharing their posts. Visme gives you a spread of your infographics’ analytics which includes:
    • How many times your project was viewed
    • How many people viewed your project
    • Where they came from
    • When they viewed it
    • And for how long

For the readers;

  • It is easy to read and view the infographics on your mobile and desktop. The content is web and mobile friendly.
  • It offers a link to any published presentation or infographic so that you can share with your friends and acquaintances.


Payman Taei: Founder of Visme

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As a blogger, I have become aware that my blog needs graphics as much as I need oxygen. If I fail to add a smidgen of graphic, my blog will be down-right boring and no one will care to give it their time.

Adding graphics contributes to the aesthetic value of your blog Click To Tweet

Do you want to spice up your blog? Do you want to engage your readers and keep them on your blog?

Visme is one of the best infographic making tools you should make use of. Open your account today by clicking here to find yourself on the Visme Landing Page. Even better, once you get the hang of it, upgrade to Premium and join other bloggers enjoying this fun creative process.

Follow Visme on Facebook to get website updates and learn more about infographic making tips that I may not have shared here.

I would like to know what other infographic making tools you use, and your thoughts on Visme. Leave it in the comments.

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  1. That’s a very informative post. I love the detailed instruction on how to make infographics. Visme really seems to be a great tool for inforgraphics.

  2. I’ve never heard of Visme. This sounds like a great tool to get professional infographics and your tutorial is very helpful! I will definitely be trying this tool out!

  3. As a travel and fashion blogger, I have plenty of visuals for each post. However I have never really gotten into making my own infographics. That would be a neat thing to explore. Thanks for the tips!

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