6 Ways to Write a Killer Blog Post Headline

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It’s a no-brainer that first impressions always matter.

And on the Internet where the content spans to deep reaches, it’s very important for a blogger to stand out.

Take this scenario, for instance:

You have done your fair share of research, come up with a captivating blog and excitedly published your post only to go into a phase of depression because no one dared to read your masterpiece.

Then the problem, disregarding any other major blogging mistake you may have made, could be that sentence hovering right above your introduction.

The headline. 

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Writing a Killer Blog Post Headline - Essentials to Driving Traffic

According to CopyBlogger: The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people.

That being said, wouldn’t you want to know what makes a great headline?

Let’s get right into how to come up with a killer blog post title that is not mere clickbait.

how to write a killer blog post headline


Here’s the deal.

  • Nurturing cats in a lovely environment
  • Hostility among different cat breeds
  • The best method to introduce your cat to hard food

Those three headlines have been written by three different bloggers who have a certain subject matter they would want to pass to their readers.

If you were an avid reader of cat-related articles, or if you already are, which headline would you likely click on?

I will tell you, for sure, that the last headline would be my choice.


There is a degree of specificity in the headline. The two former options have ambiguity, which is usually highly penalized by readers who don’t have the time to sieve through what you mean.

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  • Integrate numbers on your headline

When you offer countable tips on a certain issue, the reader feels satisfied that your information is correct, credible and doable.

There is usually a sense of comfortability that is sparked when you see an article with numbers and data rather than a basic headline without numerical support. I am willing to bet that most of you would rather read “16 Ways to Ensure your Cat is Comfortable with Hard Food” rather than “Introducing your Cat to Hard Food

As Neil Patel puts it, the brain is receptive to numbers.

However, I am not sure you would fancy”266 Sure-fire Ways to Get a Girlfriend“. There is obviously a limit to this.

Read: Here are 5 reasons why using numbers in your headlines generates more traffic


  • Include adjectives

Once again, it’s all about drawing the attention of readers who want the quickest or fastest solutions in the littlest time. And what better way than to lure them with an adjective that encompasses your subject matter.

Adjectives are meant to compliment the subject matter and give it a boost in the readers’ eyes.

Dreamgrow notes that a great headline should be provocative.

Any reader would be enticed to click on “The Largest Multinational Company in the Indies Crashes” because of the immense implications of the title rather than “Company Collapses Amid Scandals“.

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Here are some interesting statistics from Copyblogger.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Sad, right?

If that’s the case, you need to craft a headline that appeals to the eight people who stray away from your article as soon as they read it.

A great headline should promise your reader great content.

When you are brainstorming your article, you need to evaluate whether it rewards you reader at the end of it all. Goins, Writer advises making an audacious promise that your readers can’t back down from.

Before you scream “Diva!”, let me illustrate:

  • “The Perfect Body Cleanser: Detox your Body in Hours!”
  • “Get Rid of Acne with these Six Foolproof Ways”
  • “Lose Two Pounds in Two Weeks: The Perfect Workout

Such headlines get clicked on crazily because of one thing only: promise.



Personally, I believe this method of crafting headlines works well with mainstream tabloid magazines or gossip columns – which I am particularly not a fan of.  Still, Buzzfeed, TMZ, and Vogue like to use this technique and it works for them pretty good.

Before you call me biased, CopyHackers went all out with their tagline: 

However, the idea hinges on playing with the emotions of a reader thus compelling them to read. So it may not be a fishy method, after all.

Coupled with this technique, it is proven that a negative headline is likely to get more clicks than one with positive words. Outbrain states that negative headlines received 69% higher averaged click-through rate

This could be the reason why “Worst Female Leaders of All-Time” piques interest more than “The Best Natural Feet Cleanser“. Maybe it’s the over usage which has cliched the positive superlatives or the mere fact that the negative headlines bring an element of surprise.


The shock-factor in a headline ensures a reader clicks on it.Click To Tweet

And true to this fact, Predictable Profits alludes that adding a little controversy to a headline is bound to get you clicks. People are naturally curious and will be drawn to a headline such as:”Does Yale University breed couch potatoes?

Wouldn’t you?



No one turns their back on a good-old “How to” article. These are the kind of headlines that Hubspot coins as the working articles. They prime our curiosity, a technique that Upworthy has taken advantage of – a curiosity gap.

These sort of headlines tend to perform very well since they offer value to the reader. Dreamgrow continues to applaud the fact that “how to” articles should target the end result and reader’s real motivations.



Write a how-to headline that targets the end result.Click To Tweet

When crafting a headline under this category, make sure you highlight the result in order to fully engage your average curious reader.

  • How to Write a Book” may not really kick ass as much as “How to Write a Book and Turn it into a Best-Seller
  • How to Dance” is less effective than “How to Learn Award-winning Dance Moves


If you have ever read a headline that goes: “48 Laws of Power“, then you have conveniently bumped into a headline with a rationale.

When you read such a headline, what goes on through your mind?

These must be 48 very powerful points that may (or may not) make me powerful. I have to read this.”

Well, that’s exactly what the headline is meant to fix in your mind.

A rationale is a phrase or word that highlights the reason for reading an article. Making use of rationales gives your readers a glimpse of what to expect when they read your article. They also spice up your otherwise bland headline.

Take for instance:

  • 19 Principles of Internet Dating
  • The Blogging Secrets Only Pros Know
  • The Ultimate Blogging Resources
  • Fancy Wedding DIY Ideas



Bloggers often forget that the content they churn out is not theirs to gloss over but for their readers. This is content that, for serious long-sighted bloggers, is meant to convert readers into subscribers who are willing to receive email updates from you. Finally, you can turn them into customers.

This is what is known as content marketing – using the content you produce as a marketing strategy.

Going with this fantastic approach, it is necessary for your content to seem and come off as a personal message to your readers.

Here’s what I mean:

15 Ways to Increase Your Blog Earnings and Work from Home

The use of a pronoun (your) already personalizes the headline. A reader will be very comfortable to read through since they are accustomed to believing that the message is like a direct mail for them.

Enchanting Marketing recognizes that using this method delights the reader since it gives sensory appeal.

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CONCLUSION (Plus Bonus!)

As David Ogilvy put it;

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

The fate of losing a potential reader who may turn to a subscriber and a customer lies in the headline. I know you may not be the most eloquent writer and you don’t have this database of sparkling jargon in your arsenal.

But the Internet has made it easier for you. Here are some great tools you can use to craft better headlines for your blog.



how to use coschedule to write killer blog post headlines

Trust me, they don’t come easier than this.

I started using Coschedule the minute I began pumping out blog posts and I haven’t stopped yet. I have seen a 41% increase in my engagement solely because of this tool.

No wonder Warfare Plugins gushes about it in Why Coshedule is One of the Best Marketing Investments you can make.

The headline analyzer allows you to gauge your headline on the basis of its readability, virality, word balance and overall structure. All the good stuff. Ultimately, it gives you a score on your headline.

Every serious content marketer, I believe, should be using Coschedule as part of their marketing strategy.




So maybe you have no existing headline to analyze and score. Is it a dead end for you?

No. Not with Blog Title Generator. This impressive tool by SEOPressor gives you the liberty to use a keyword to generate a title. Furthermore, the results produced remain relevant to your industry and niche.



Are you the type of blogger who, despite trying a lot to master SEO and all about keywords, has hit rock bottom?

Fear not. This blog title generator by IMPACT is the solution to your headline problems. It plays around with impressive phrases and sentences and leaves blanks for you to fill with your intended subject matter.

Definitely trumps the idea of just brainstorming a title, right?

To sum it up:

Were you impressed by the tools I highlighted above? Tell me which one you would definitely use in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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And there you have it! 🙂

Suddenly coming up with a good catchy headline for your blog doesn’t look like a mountainous task after all, does it? With this great guideline, I command you to go forth and write killer blog headlines and enjoy shares, traffic and engagement.


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