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Against the Odds: Nick Vujicic LIMITLESS Book Review

Book: Limitless – Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life

Author: Nick Vujicic

Rating: 8/10

Comment: Offers practical life lessons.


When I first heard about Nick Vujicic, I was in highschool.It was the school principal who was fond of using Nick’s life as a motivator for my schoolmates and me, and it wasn’t hard to see why. First of all, he was a disabled man. This obviously drew a lot of mercy and sorrow from me and I couldn’t fathom a life without hands and/or legs. To me, his life was a tragedy. I thought no one would desire to live such a life.

Despite his disability, he was a daily inspiration to a great number of people around the world. Seeing pictures of Nick and his wife, and their kids having a great time and living life to the fullest, I began to ask myself a lot of pertinent questions.

Why would Nick find anything to smile about? 

Does the fact that he is disabled distress him? 

Am I taking my wellbeing and good health for granted?

Fast-forward some months later and I bumped into his book, Limitless. With Nick fully posed at the front cover, donning the widest smile, it was a matter of time before I finished his book. I wanted to know why such a man would appear happier than most of us, disabled or not. I wanted to find out why he doesn’t consider himself a pitiful creation, but a blessed one. And by reading Limitless, I got to understand (of course, not fully) the fount of his bubbly personality and strong mental character.

Here are four points that make Nick’s inspirational book stand out from the rest:



Nick went through periods of despair as he grew up. Born without arms or legs wasn’t the easiest way to go about this life. It weighed him down.

However, throughout the book, he makes it clear that “God puts us through challenges to strengthen us” (p.11) and that he’s “truly enabled because of my lack of limbs” (p.6).

I found that sort of faith in God very moving and inspirational. It drew my attention to the fact that healthy individuals go about their lives without a semblance of gratitude to God for being alive and well. Is this because we feel enabled and don’t need God’s help going forward?

Nick quotes at the fourteenth chapter (p.44) a Bible verse that God “brings low and lifts up” and it is clear that He has lifted Nick up to peaks of hope in his life.



I admire Nick’s mental toughness whenever thoughts of his disability crawled into his head and threatened to quench his faith. He always seemed to come back strongly and overcome the strain.

It often led people to ask Nick, “Nick, how can you be so happy?” to which he replies “I found happiness when I realized that as imperfect as I may be, I am the perfect Nick Vujicic.”

He goes on to encourage us to have self-love and not to be conceited. It is through loving himself and not allowing people to put him down that saw him accept himself and learn to love others as well.



In the twenty-first chapter (p.65), Now I See, Nick remembers a man who was paralyzed and unable to move or talk, confined to bed for the rest of his life. He recounts that he couldn’t imagine someone who had a life that was worse than his.

This man’s life prompted Nick to be thankful that at least he could move, talk and he had his entire life in front of him. For some of us, the easier route would be to despair and bemoan our current situation.

Actually, how many times have you thought you were in the worst of moods, had the worst friends ever, was in the worst school, had the worst parents?

It is because we rarely tend to stop and appreciate that there are other people besides ourselves who are wallowing in even worse conditions. Nick’s eyes were opened and he understood he had a lot to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for?



“Servant leaders are bridge builders who put aside narrow self-interests in favor of harnessing the power of many…”

Nick’s life is centered around helping others overcome their own weaknesses and realize their full potential as individuals. Given what he has been through, it makes sense that he has managed to draw large support around the world and offer a helping hand wherever he can.

He urges us to sow good seeds no matter where we are in life and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. You don’t need to be professionally equipped to have an impact in someone’s life. It is all about touching a life and providing solutions while others ponder problems.

This is a very striking message to our leaders who lord authority over their subjects, using brutal force and financial might to intimidate and impress. If only we realized that the true servant leader is one who is humble, selfless and great empathizers.


Nick continues to travel worldwide, sharing his inspirational life with others and sharing the message of hope in Christ. His book goes a long way in teaching us how to devote our lives to God and living fulfilling lives regardless of our circumstances and the situations we face.

The twenty-five chapters of Limitless are short and precise, offering a glimpse into Nick’s life and the people he has encountered. At the beginning of every chapter is a biblical verse and at the end of every chapter is a short quote.

This is one of the few books I will re-read once again and keep in my archives to go over whenever I feel depressed. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in search of biblical encouragement and a dose of motivation.


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