About Me

Owen Kariuki

My name is Owen Kariuki and I am a teenage part-time blogger of Through My Lens and a published author of a crime thriller series known as FRED.

Through My Lens blog is an instructional blog offering tips and tricks to blogging. Aside from that, it also provides life hacks lessons.

I blog because I believe this is the way I can spread values and information to people that care in the best way possible. After all, no one goes at a loss trying to uplift another.

When I’m not blogging, I’m reading novels (or making them), travelling, hogging coffee and listening to good music.


My services

Blog promotion

Aside from blogging, I also promote other blog posts and articles which I fancy in my Facebook support page, Bloggers Unite. Feel free to join and share in the conversation.

Blog editing

Writing a blog post can be easy. But editing and proofreading it proves difficult for most bloggers. I can help you with that for free. Plus, I also help in on-page optimization. You can mail me for that

I hope you will find what you have been looking for here. Best wishes as you conquer blogging and life in general.